Compensation Consulting Services

Stephen Kirkland helps closely-held businesses and tax-exempt organizations meet the challenges of determining reasonable and fair market value pay levels for executives and other key employees.

With for-profit companies, reasonable compensation issues come up often in U.S. Tax Court, shareholder disputes, business valuations, and divorce proceedings. Tax exempt organizations need to pay reasonable compensation amounts to avoid excise taxes under Internal Revenue Code section 4958. In addition, hospitals and other healthcare providers need to ensure that amounts they pay are fair market value and commercially reasonable.

To help resolve these issues, Stephen provides compensation consulting services, comparability data and opinion letters for hospital executives, physicians, foundation trustees, non-profit managers, directors, C-level executives, middle managers and business owners.

Stephen has provided comparability data and opinion letters to clients in many industries, including the following:
Hospitals / Medical Centers / Health Systems
Medical practices
Home health
Legal services
Oil and gas distribution
Private foundations
Food services
Wholesale distribution
Financial services
Social services
Waste management
Athletic event organizing
Fiduciary services

Stephen also speaks at conferences for executives, consultants, financial planners, attorneys, business valuators and CPAs on executive compensation issues.

Stephen does not give legal advice. He does not sell insurance or any other financial products.

Information on this website is provided to encourage thoughtful discussion and is not intended to be specific advice for any reader. Matters discussed herein are complex and subject to change.

Stephen Kirkland can be reached at (803) 724-1414.

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